Computer Systems and Development since 1990
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CDSINET LLC or Computer Development Systems (CDS) is a computer sales and repair business keeping pace with the ever-changing Internet and portable communications. Owner Jim Kiser has been at it a good long while and knows his onions. Meet Jim.
  • CDS can diagnose hardware and software problems. We can evaluate and provide fixes on site or remotely.
  • CDS installs and services Internet connections. If yours is not working, we can tell you why in short order.
  • CDS is a Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Verification and Listing provider. If you are a business customer, we can help your business run smoothly, efficiently and profitably with respect to the Internet.
  • CDS offers remote connections so we are able to address machine problems off site. If you have a small problem, contact us before it grows into a big one.
  • Contact CDS for all of your computer needs.
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